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** Official Body Kit Compilation List **

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Old 08-23-2011, 12:59 AM
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** Official Body Kit Compilation List **

A compiled list of body kits available for the G35, both coupes and sedans. I will include all exterior mods, including but not limited to, front bumpers, sideskirts, rear bumpers, hoods, trunks, grills, etc. I may also add that this list does NOT include custom exterior parts that are rare to get, such as Speedraver's custom rear bumper.

This list is always a work in progress.

If anyone has anything to contribute, I ask that you post with the images and I can update the first page as follows.

Please take note that I am NOT taking credit for any images that I have posted. All photo credits are given to their respective photographers and all vehicles credits are given to their respective owners. I would like to thank vendors Strafe Automotive and Carbodykits for the images provided. I got them off your website. And also the wide positive response received from the forum, especially the Sedan section. Thanks guys!

If you do not want me to use the images, please PM me and I will remove it. And don't ask me where to get these exterior parts from. You can PM one of the many vendors in the exterior classifieds and see if they have what you're looking for.

G35 Coupe front bumpers

Name: front-ait-racing-01.jpg
Views: 4411
Size: 53.4 KB

Name: front-ait-02.jpg
Views: 4797
Size: 60.7 KB

Name: front-cs-01.jpg
Views: 5007
Size: 43.5 KB

Chargespeed lip (06-07 sport bumper)
Name: front-lip-chargespeed.jpg
Views: 4582
Size: 73.6 KB

Data replica lip (06-07 sport bumper)
Name: front-lip-data-spec.jpg
Views: 4993
Size: 46.7 KB

Name: P5151035.jpg
Views: 4386
Size: 35.9 KB

Name: front-greddy-01.jpg
Views: 6003
Size: 40.4 KB

Name: front-gtr-01.jpg
Views: 4901
Size: 65.9 KB

Ionic lip (for 03-05 non-sport bumpers)

Ionic splitter

Name: front-impul-01.jpg
Views: 4406
Size: 58.2 KB

Ings+1 lip (03-05 non-sport bumper)
Name: front-ings-non-sport-01.jpg
Views: 4513
Size: 49.7 KB

Ings+1 lip (06-07 sport bumper)
Name: front-ings-sport-02.jpg
Views: 4396
Size: 59.5 KB

Name: front-ings-sport-01.jpg
Views: 4430
Size: 46.2 KB

Strafe Version
Name: front-inven-01.jpg
Views: 4567
Size: 45.2 KB
Klumyzee Version
Name: front-inven-02.jpg
Views: 4766
Size: 37.6 KB

Inven w/ carbon fiber splitter
Strafe Version
Name: inven-anthony.jpg
Views: 4684
Size: 33.1 KB
Klumyzee Version
Name: front-inven-splitter-02.jpg
Views: 9096
Size: 49.4 KB

JP Visage lip
Name: front-ings-01.jpg
Views: 4759
Size: 24.9 KB

Name: front-ks-01.jpg
Views: 4460
Size: 65.7 KB

K2 (Kenstyle Revised - fiberglass w/ integrated grill)

K2 Remix (Arch Industries Kenstyle Revised - polyurethane)

Name: front-k2-remix-03.jpg
Views: 4722
Size: 68.7 KB

Kuruma Z
Name: 6158014564_6ab5c9c9c7_b.jpg
Views: 4765
Size: 53.5 KB

Name: front-kuruma-z-03.jpg
Views: 4719
Size: 35.0 KB

KZ (Arch Industries Kuruma Z Revised - polyurethane)
Name: kz-arch-01.jpg
Views: 4536
Size: 86.5 KB

Name: front-nismo-06.jpg
Views: 5263
Size: 66.9 KB

Name: front-nismo-01.jpg
Views: 4449
Size: 32.4 KB

Name: front-nismo-03.jpg
Views: 4430
Size: 40.0 KB

Nismo w/ carbon fiber splitter
Name: front-nismo-splitter-01.jpg
Views: 4637
Size: 56.6 KB

Name: front-nismo-splitter-02.jpg
Views: 5240
Size: 92.3 KB

Nismo lip
Name: front-nismo-lip-01.jpg
Views: 4455
Size: 50.7 KB

OEM lip
Name: front-oem-lip-01.jpg
Views: 4439
Size: 42.2 KB

Name: front-oem-lip-02.jpg
Views: 4657
Size: 30.8 KB

Name: front-stillen-01.jpg
Views: 4424
Size: 52.7 KB

Stillen lip
Name: front-stillen-lip-01.jpg
Views: 4502
Size: 71.5 KB

Name: front-strafe-01.jpg
Views: 4457
Size: 47.2 KB

Name: front-strafe-02.jpg
Views: 4449
Size: 56.2 KB

Top Secret
Name: front-top-secret-01.jpg
Views: 4876
Size: 38.1 KB

Name: top-secret-bumper01.png
Views: 4563
Size: 561.1 KB

Type-R lip
Name: front-lip-type-r-01.jpg
Views: 5298
Size: 42.4 KB

UTR Lip (03-05 non-sport bumper)
Name: front-utr-lip.jpg
Views: 4435
Size: 40.5 KB

Veilside lip
Name: front-veilside-lip-01.jpg
Views: 4676
Size: 63.7 KB

Vertex lip
Name: vertex-01.jpg
Views: 4553
Size: 78.4 KB

Name: front-wond-01.jpg
Views: 4476
Size: 61.1 KB

Name: front-viral-02.jpg
Views: 4460
Size: 46.2 KB

G35 Coupe sideskirts

Name: sides-cs-01.jpg
Views: 4461
Size: 59.5 KB

Name: P5151004.jpg
Views: 4453
Size: 31.2 KB

Name: greddy-sides-02.jpg
Views: 4479
Size: 37.3 KB

Name: sides-impul-05.jpg
Views: 7455
Size: 64.6 KB

Name: 6119305624_44ec576313_b.jpg
Views: 4665
Size: 54.0 KB

Name: sides-ings-01.jpg
Views: 4604
Size: 54.8 KB

Name: sides-ings-04.jpg
Views: 4516
Size: 58.1 KB

K2 (Arch Industries polyurethane Impul replica)
Name: sides-k2-02.jpg
Views: 4480
Size: 61.6 KB

Name: sides-k2-01.jpg
Views: 4472
Size: 37.0 KB

Name: sides-ks-01.jpg
Views: 4440
Size: 24.8 KB

Name: sides-ks-02.jpg
Views: 4451
Size: 37.2 KB


Name: sides-nismo-01.jpg
Views: 4635
Size: 51.5 KB

Name: sides-stillen-03.jpg
Views: 4471
Size: 39.2 KB

Name: sides-stillen-02.jpg
Views: 4482
Size: 65.7 KB

Name: sides-strafe-01.jpg
Views: 4448
Size: 41.4 KB

Veilside splash guards
Name: sides-veilside-02.jpg
Views: 4665
Size: 45.4 KB

Name: vertex-03.jpg
Views: 4533
Size: 35.9 KB

Name: front-viral-01.jpg
Views: 4464
Size: 42.0 KB

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G35 Coupe rear bumpers / diffusers

Name: rear-cs-01.jpg
Views: 5355
Size: 58.9 KB

Name: chargespeed-mine.jpg
Views: 4475
Size: 46.7 KB

Chargespeed (Arch Industries revised polyurethane w/ vent delete)
Name: rear-cs-poly-03.jpg
Views: 5225
Size: 41.0 KB

Name: rear-cs-poly-04.jpg
Views: 4462
Size: 54.1 KB

Name: P5151025.jpg
Views: 4462
Size: 48.3 KB

Name: rear-impul-01.jpg
Views: 4487
Size: 38.6 KB

Name: rear-impul-03.jpg
Views: 5349
Size: 51.5 KB

Ings+1 rear apron
Name: rear-ings-01.jpg
Views: 4488
Size: 69.9 KB

Name: rear-ing-02.jpg
Views: 4463
Size: 46.9 KB

Name: rear-ks-01.jpg
Views: 4462
Size: 57.5 KB

Name: kenstyle-rear-04.jpg
Views: 4885
Size: 44.3 KB

Kenstyle revised (ExtremeDimensions)
Name: kenstyle-revised.jpg
Views: 4478
Size: 32.9 KB

Nismo diffuser
Name: rear-nismo-diffuser-02.jpg
Views: 4822
Size: 66.2 KB


Nismo rear aprons
Name: rear-nismo-01.jpg
Views: 4492
Size: 90.3 KB

Name: rear-nismo-02.jpg
Views: 4603
Size: 38.0 KB


Veilside rear lip

Name: vertex-02.jpg
Views: 4456
Size: 35.3 KB

Name: rear-viral-rear-01.jpg
Views: 4602
Size: 44.8 KB

G35 Coupe trunks

Hikkata Dori

Mastergrade MG1 (discontinued)
Name: trunk-mastergrade-mg1-01.jpg
Views: 4483
Size: 21.6 KB

Name: trunk-mastergrade-mg1-02.jpg
Views: 4462
Size: 40.9 KB

Mastergrade MG2 (discontinued)

Name: trunk-mastergrade-02.jpg
Views: 4462
Size: 51.3 KB

OEM Carbon
Name: trunk-oem-carbon-02.jpg
Views: 4419
Size: 58.8 KB

Name: oem-carbon-trunk-nevergone.jpg
Views: 4410
Size: 53.1 KB

Strafespeed V1
Name: trunk-strafe-v1-02.jpg
Views: 4419
Size: 36.5 KB

Name: trunk-strafe-04.jpg
Views: 4415
Size: 43.7 KB

Strafespeed V2
Name: trunk-strafe-v2-01.jpg
Views: 4420
Size: 42.1 KB

G35 Coupe hoods

Name: hood-cs-03.jpg
Views: 4416
Size: 43.5 KB

Name: hood-cs-01.jpg
Views: 4422
Size: 41.4 KB

Hikkata Dori
Name: hood-hd-04.jpg
Views: 4397
Size: 50.1 KB

Name: hood-hd-03.jpg
Views: 4404
Size: 60.2 KB

OEM Carbon (Seibon)

Name: front-stillen-02.jpg
Views: 4400
Size: 48.0 KB

Top Secret / Seibon Replica
Name: hood-seibon-ts-01.jpg
Views: 4452
Size: 91.9 KB

Name: hood-ts-seibon-01.jpg
Views: 4422
Size: 52.7 KB

Name: hood-ams-01.jpg
Views: 4417
Size: 51.7 KB

VIS JS Style
Name: hood-js-02.jpg
Views: 4415
Size: 30.7 KB

VIS Invader Style

G35 Coupe Widebody Kits


Name: widebody-apr-02.jpg
Views: 4424
Size: 43.2 KB

Top Secret (discontinued)
Name: widebody-ts-01.jpg
Views: 4409
Size: 62.4 KB

Name: widebody-ts-02.jpg
Views: 4420
Size: 28.3 KB

Name: widebody-ts-04.jpg
Views: 4429
Size: 47.8 KB

Name: widebody-ts-05.jpg
Views: 4415
Size: 51.3 KB

Name: widebody-veilside-01.jpg
Views: 4430
Size: 52.6 KB

Name: widebody-veilside-02.jpg
Views: 4409
Size: 31.0 KB

Name: widebody-veilside-03.jpg
Views: 4427
Size: 47.8 KB

G35 1st Generation Sedan front bumpers

eBay lip (2003-2004)
Name: front-sedan-ebay-lip.jpg
Views: 4418
Size: 38.9 KB

Hikkata Dori Nismo
Name: front-sedan-hd-nismo-01.jpg
Views: 4409
Size: 51.9 KB

Name: front-sedan-hd-nismo-02.jpg
Views: 4426
Size: 48.2 KB

Ionic lip (OEM replica)
Name: front-sedan-ionic-lip-01.jpg
Views: 4428
Size: 69.4 KB


Name: front-sedan-k2-02.jpg
Views: 4453
Size: 74.3 KB

Name: front-sedan-k2-03.jpg
Views: 4409
Size: 62.9 KB

Name: front-sedan-kurookie-01.jpg
Views: 4443
Size: 68.7 KB

Name: front-sedan-kurookie-02.jpg
Views: 4448
Size: 86.5 KB

OEM lip (2005-2006 bumpers only, discontinued)
Name: front-sedan-oem-lip-01.png
Views: 4456
Size: 489.5 KB

Name: front-sedan-oem-lip-02.jpg
Views: 4431
Size: 66.4 KB

OEM Nismo (2003-2004 bumpers only, discontinued)
Name: front-sedan-oem-nismo-01.jpg
Views: 4409
Size: 46.4 KB

Name: front-sedan-oem-nismo-2003-2004-01.jpg
Views: 4409
Size: 80.5 KB

Name: front-sedan-oem-nismo-05.jpg
Views: 4384
Size: 49.4 KB

OEM lip modified to fit OEM Nismo (2005-2006 OEM lip, discontinued)
Name: front-sedan-oem-nismo-lip-01.jpg
Views: 4430
Size: 65.1 KB

Sportec (discontinued)
Name: sedan-sport-tec-01.jpg
Views: 4368
Size: 51.2 KB

Name: sedan-sport-tec-02.jpg
Views: 4394
Size: 63.3 KB

Strafespeed V1
Name: front-sedan-strafe-v1-01.jpg
Views: 4371
Size: 43.8 KB

Strafespeed V2
Name: V35-4D-GT3001-FB.jpg
Views: 4398
Size: 72.4 KB

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G35 1st Generation Sedan sideskirts

OEM Nismo
Name: sides-sedan-oem-nismo-01.jpg
Views: 4372
Size: 28.0 KB

Name: rear-sedan-nismo-lip-03.jpg
Views: 4367
Size: 28.0 KB

Name: sides-sedan-nisrookie-01.jpg
Views: 4361
Size: 53.0 KB

Name: sides-sedan-wald-01.jpg
Views: 4357
Size: 59.9 KB

Name: sides-sedan-wald-02.jpg
Views: 4358
Size: 37.5 KB

G35 1st Generation Sedan rear bumpers

Ionic Nismo rear valance (03-04 Sedan rear bumpers only)

Nismo lip (03-04 Sedan rear bumpers only)
Name: rear-sedan-nismo-lip-05.jpg
Views: 4343
Size: 53.1 KB

Name: rear-sedan-nismo-lip-04.jpg
Views: 4360
Size: 36.0 KB

Stillen lip
Name: rear-sedan-stillen-lip-01-1.jpg
Views: 4323
Size: 25.2 KB

Name: rear-sedan-stillen-lip-02.jpg
Views: 4305
Size: 63.8 KB

Name: rear-sedan-strafe-02.jpg
Views: 4344
Size: 64.4 KB

G35 1st Generation Sedan trunks

Hikkata Dori
Name: trunk-sedan-hd-01.jpg
Views: 4312
Size: 72.2 KB

Name: trunk-sedan-hd-02.jpg
Views: 4303
Size: 42.7 KB

Strafespeed V1 (doggy door)
Name: trunk-sedan-strafe-v1-doggy-02.jpg
Views: 4299
Size: 68.1 KB

Name: trunk-sedan-strafe-v1-doggy-03.jpg
Views: 4275
Size: 55.0 KB

Strafespeed V1 (non-doggy door)
Name: rear-sedan-strafe-01.jpg
Views: 4299
Size: 69.5 KB

G35 1st Generation Sedan hoods

OEM Carbon
Name: hood-sedan-oem-carbon-01.jpg
Views: 4281
Size: 50.5 KB

Strafespeed (Top Secret replica)
Name: hood-sedan-ts-01.jpg
Views: 4275
Size: 48.5 KB

G35 2nd Generation Sedan front bumpers / lips

Access Evolution
Name: jdm-sedan-01.jpg
Views: 4269
Size: 34.9 KB

Name: jdm-sedan-04.jpg
Views: 4255
Size: 53.1 KB

Name: amuse.jpg
Views: 4285
Size: 48.9 KB

Name: gtr.jpg
Views: 4282
Size: 60.2 KB

Impul lip (2006-2009 Sport bumpers only)
Name: impul-lip-kit-01.jpg
Views: 4264
Size: 37.9 KB

Name: kenstyle.jpg
Views: 4269
Size: 65.3 KB

Kenstyle lip (2006-2009 Sport bumpers only)
Name: ks-lip-kit-01-resized.jpg
Views: 4279
Size: 64.2 KB

OEM Journey lip installed on 2007-2009 Sport bumper
Name: 2nd-oem-journey-lip-on-sport-01.jpg
Views: 4279
Size: 72.5 KB

OEM Sport lip (2007-2009) installed on 2007-2009 Sport bumper
Name: oem-sport-lip.jpg
Views: 4279
Size: 54.4 KB

Name: oem-sport-lip-02.jpg
Views: 4254
Size: 50.7 KB

OEM Sport lip (2010-2011) installed on 2010-2011 Sport bumper
Name: dunno.jpg
Views: 4249
Size: 45.9 KB

Name: unknown02.jpg
Views: 4227
Size: 43.2 KB

Pro-Line Sport (Russian body kit)
Name: sportline-front-01.jpg
Views: 4239
Size: 47.6 KB

Name: sportline-front-02.jpg
Views: 4252
Size: 49.1 KB

Rav Spec lip (installed on Journey bumper)
Name: unknown.jpg
Views: 4240
Size: 28.3 KB

Tommy Kaira
Name: tommy-kaira-02.jpg
Views: 4258
Size: 64.5 KB

Name: tommy-kaira-03.jpg
Views: 4238
Size: 64.5 KB

Name: 2nd-vis-front-lip.jpg
Views: 4232
Size: 59.5 KB

G35 2nd Generation Sedan sideskirts

Access Evolution
Name: jdm-sedan-02.jpg
Views: 4216
Size: 38.6 KB

Name: autokit-sides.jpg
Views: 4232
Size: 56.0 KB

Name: 2nd-oem-unknown3.jpg
Views: 4200
Size: 23.3 KB

Pro-Line Sport
Name: sportline-sides-01.jpg
Views: 4215
Size: 35.1 KB

Tommy Kaira
Name: tommy-kaira-01.jpg
Views: 4240
Size: 75.0 KB

Name: 2nd-vis-side.jpg
Views: 4239
Size: 50.8 KB

G35 2nd Generation rear bumpers / lips / diffusers

Access Evolution diffuser
Name: jdm-sedan-05.jpg
Views: 4195
Size: 34.1 KB

Auto Kits diffuser
Name: 2nd-gen-autokits-diffuser-01.jpg
Views: 4225
Size: 36.7 KB

Name: rear-amuse.jpg
Views: 4219
Size: 51.3 KB

Name: 2nd-oem-unknown2.jpg
Views: 4195
Size: 48.6 KB

Name: impul-lip-kit-02.jpg
Views: 4222
Size: 28.5 KB

Name: k2-rear.jpg
Views: 4223
Size: 44.3 KB

Name: rear-ks.jpg
Views: 4208
Size: 56.6 KB

Kenstyle rear spats
Name: ks-lip-kit-03.jpg
Views: 4215
Size: 51.7 KB

Pro-Line Sport (Russian body kit)
Name: sportline-rear-01.jpg
Views: 4201
Size: 43.7 KB

Tommy Kaira
Name: tommy-kaira-04.jpg
Views: 4215
Size: 43.3 KB

Name: 2nd-vis-rear.jpg
Views: 4208
Size: 45.6 KB

G35 2nd Generation Sedan hoods

Top Secret / Seibon Replica

Name: IMG_1416.jpg
Views: 4208
Size: 59.7 KB

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Pics posted

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I expect royalties for using pics of my car .

Great thread bro, hopefully it'll put an end to the "what does the _____ kit look like" threads.
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Ings+1 Front Lip <---need a better photo
Name: front-ings-01.jpg
Views: 4137
Size: 24.9 KB

Correction that's not Ings+1 lip. That's actually Jp Vizage front lip.
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Pics posted

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Pics Posted

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Nice Thread!
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XiN (08-24-2011)
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Great thread!!!

also, i would throw in 1 picture of each OEM bumper/stuff. like 03-05 coupe trunk/hood/w.e and 06-07 non sport, 06-07 sport.

il be back when its time to go shopping
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Thanks for taking the time to put this thread together
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Thanks Kon! Thread now stuck & and added to the FAQ Master Thread
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Glad everyone likes the idea. I will add more images later today as well as get started on the Sedan images and fix errors in the coupe images.
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nice thread man..
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Truly great idea man.. Thanks for taking the time..
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body, chargespeed, coupe, front, g35, k2, kenstyle, kit, kuruma, lip, polyurethane, remix, revised, stillen, strafespeed, trunk, v1, version
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