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Diy: Sticky For Window Motor Repairs/door Panel Removal

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Old 05-22-2008, 03:41 PM
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Diy: Sticky For Window Motor Repairs/door Panel Removal

My Window Motor removal and replacement DIY for anyone wanting to tackle this.

Tools required:

1. Socket Wrench I used 1/2 Inch, both 10mm and 12mm sockets. You can use an air socket wrench if you have one but I would suggest hands since this is delicate metal....

Name: WindowMotorDIY032.jpg
Views: 1531
Size: 45.1 KB

2. Philips screw Driver....power or not...doesnt matter.
3. Flat head screwdriver.
4. Needle Nose Pliers or some form.

anyways lets get started. In the pics you will see I have already removed the door panels but I am still showing you the process.

STEP ONE: Removing the Door Panel

here is what the door panel would look like on your car.
Name: WindowMotorDIY001.jpg
Views: 1888
Size: 61.5 KB

Pulling off the window button panel.
Name: WindowMotorDIY002.jpg
Views: 1506
Size: 46.5 KB

Slide the screw driver underneath to pop the windows buttons off.
Name: WindowMotorDIY003.jpg
Views: 1509
Size: 41.1 KB

Unplug the Harness using your flathead screwdriver.
Name: WindowMotorDIY010.jpg
Views: 1506
Size: 53.0 KB

Next step is to pop off the aluminum trim to access the screws to the door panel.

Name: WindowMotorDIY007.jpg
Views: 1557
Size: 57.8 KB

On the bottom side there should be a little slot. Stick the flathead into this slot and twist your screw driver or pull out on it.

Name: WindowMotorDIY006.jpg
Views: 1504
Size: 46.8 KB
Name: WindowMotorDIY008.jpg
Views: 1500
Size: 51.7 KB

Once popped off you should see this. Now you can remove the 2 screws.

Name: WindowMotorDIY009.jpg
Views: 1529
Size: 58.3 KB

the last thing you do before removing the panel is pop off the little clip inside the inner door handle area.

Name: WindowMotorDIY004.jpg
Views: 1505
Size: 27.0 KB

Stick the flathead into the little slot you see and pop it off. you should have this. Now remove the screw behind it.

Name: WindowMotorDIY005.jpg
Views: 1501
Size: 26.5 KB

Once the door panel screws are removed you want to get down on your back and look at the bottom of the door panel. There should be slots that run along the bottom. Stick your Screw driver in those slots and pull outward to pull the door panel loose from the door itself.

Name: WindowMotorDIY011.jpg
Views: 1506
Size: 42.5 KB
Name: WindowMotorDIY012.jpg
Views: 1509
Size: 46.6 KB

Next step before you get up is to un-hook the door map light harness.

Name: WindowMotorDIY015.jpg
Views: 1499
Size: 45.6 KB
Name: WindowMotorDIY014.jpg
Views: 1497
Size: 47.1 KB

Once this wire harness is removed you are able to remove the door panel. By doing so you just lift up on it and it shold come right off. At this point to remove the door panel all the way you will want to remove the door lock wires. I found it easier to just move it out of the way.

you should see this.

Name: WindowMotorDIY016.jpg
Views: 1524
Size: 61.0 KB

your first step is to pop off the front part of the wires that are locked into that hold the clips in place on the door lock.

Name: WindowMotorDIY017.jpg
Views: 1515
Size: 52.1 KB

Once popped off you just remove the wires with the clips that are hooked into the door lock. Fairly simple step.

Name: WindowMotorDIY018.jpg
Views: 1574
Size: 51.0 KB

once you have removed the door lock wires you should be able to set aside the door panel and you should be looking at this.

Name: WindowMotorDIY019.jpg
Views: 1790
Size: 84.4 KB

Now the first step to remove the window motor and metal panel is to unplug the wiring harness to the motor itself. Stick the flathead into the screwdriver and pull back.

Name: WindowMotorDIY021.jpg
Views: 1543
Size: 65.5 KB
Name: WindowMotorDIY020.jpg
Views: 1502
Size: 50.3 KB

The next step I did was to remove all of the Green Bolts around the door..I found once you get around the top to remove the bracket that sticks out...if you look in the pic it should be handing down.

Name: WindowMotorDIY027.jpg
Views: 1497
Size: 39.1 KB
Name: WindowMotorDIY022.jpg
Views: 1514
Size: 72.2 KB
Name: WindowMotorDIY023.jpg
Views: 1583
Size: 78.0 KB

the next step you want to remove the 2 bolts with washers around them. These 2 screws are holding the window actuator to the metal frame.

Name: WindowMotorDIY025.jpg
Views: 1504
Size: 64.0 KB
Name: WindowMotorDIY026.jpg
Views: 1511
Size: 46.5 KB
Name: WindowMotorDIY024.jpg
Views: 1499
Size: 41.5 KB

The next step is to remove the 2 nuts using your 13mm socket wrench towards the bottom of the door panel.

Name: WindowMotorDIY029.jpg
Views: 1518
Size: 67.7 KB
Name: WindowMotorDIY028.jpg
Views: 1530
Size: 65.2 KB
Name: WindowMotorDIY030.jpg
Views: 1505
Size: 65.2 KB

Now you want to remove the 3 bolts that hold the window motor to the metal frame. Once removed you want to take your flathead around the metal door frame and pry out on it to break loose the sticky part that helps bond it to the door panel. Once pulled off you want to de-tech the clips around the door.

Name: WindowMotorDIY028.jpg
Views: 1530
Size: 65.2 KB

This one is located toward the top.

Name: WindowMotorDIY033.jpg
Views: 1496
Size: 41.0 KB

Located to the left side where you unplug the window motor harness. There should be one more clip underneath this one at the bottom. At this point push the wiring harness grommet through.

Name: WindowMotorDIY034.jpg
Views: 1500
Size: 50.4 KB
Name: WindowMotorDIY035.jpg
Views: 1506
Size: 37.5 KB

Once the clips are removed you should see this.
Name: WindowMotorDIY036.jpg
Views: 1513
Size: 73.9 KB

UPDATED: 4/28/2009

Once you get to this STEP you do not have to remove the window motor to just clean it. Proceed to CLEANING PART BELOW to see how to remove the Metal cover on the window motor

at this time you will want to remove the 3 bolts on the back side of the window motor. Shown below. these were pretty tuff the first time I tried to break them lose.

Name: WindowMotorDIY038.jpg
Views: 1539
Size: 62.2 KB
Name: WindowMotorDIY037.jpg
Views: 1512
Size: 60.7 KB

Here is what it should look like once the window motor is removed. To install the new window motor you just back track the steps the same way. One thing to mention when install the window motor back make sure to remove these black circles on the metal panel. These allow you stick your fingers in and position the window back in the correct spot to bolt up to the door frame.

Name: WindowMotorDIY041.jpg
Views: 1517
Size: 57.8 KB
Name: WindowMotorDIY046.jpg
Views: 1502
Size: 43.5 KB

also the metal frame it self has to *****/metal circles that stick out to line it up into the door itself.


One thing I have seen and read about around the forum is that sometimes your window motor may not be mad...there is just alot of carbon build-up preventing your window electricity to make contact between the copper...anyways with that being said I have alittle instruction on how to clean that portion.

First off you remove the 3 bolts on the top side of the window motor. by the way this metal top is a magnet.

Name: WindowMotorDIY042.jpg
Views: 1507
Size: 46.0 KB

once the screws are removed you should be able to pull out the internal part of the motor and see this. you can then pull out the whole metal peice. In these 2 pics you see in the first pic the carbon build-up around the copper.

Before cleaning:

Name: WindowMotorDIY044.jpg
Views: 1516
Size: 55.3 KB

this is the inside of the motor itself.

Name: WindowMotorDIY043.jpg
Views: 1597
Size: 71.1 KB

This is after cleaning the motor with rubbing alcohol and que-tips as well as using a toothpick in between the spaces of the copper.

Name: WindowMotorDIY045.jpg
Views: 1506
Size: 52.5 KB

Once cleaned install the metal door frame by bolting back up a view bolts around the metal frame. Ensure that you have bolted the window motor back in place and the window regulators back in place to test. I would advise to do this before putting the whole door back together. If the window functions better than proceed with installing all the parts following the procedures above. Note to yourself that you just saved $200.00. If the motor did not repair itself go back up to the instructions that you skipped over to get to the cleaning part and proceed with removing the (BAD Window MOTOR) and installing the new one you pick up.

Hope this helps

UPDATE: 3/15/2010

Additonal Video for those that like to watch a video. (courtesy of bythabay)

Attached Images
File Type: jpg WindowMotorDIY028.jpg (65.2 KB, 46 views)

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Old 05-22-2008, 03:45 PM
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That's one heck of a DIY write up! I'm sure a lot of members will appreciate this. Good job!
Old 05-22-2008, 03:46 PM
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Awesome write up!
Old 05-22-2008, 03:49 PM
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thank you all...I just spent about an hour here in the office writing this up while working! The last part when I cleaned my motor up it still didnt work...I was bummed....
Old 05-22-2008, 03:52 PM
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very nice mine are slowing down, might try this some time this weekend
Old 05-22-2008, 04:30 PM
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yeah i would give it a try! its sad that my car is an 04 with 36,000 miles on it and this happens already and that much build up is in there.
Old 05-22-2008, 04:45 PM
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Yeah I have an 03 and my driver side stopped working sparatically a while ago. I found out when i opened my door the window wasnt dropping like it should and that if i just lightly push it down then it would "register" and work fine. Recently though, it's been going out of whack and going down when i push up and vise versa. Dont wanna spend a lot of cash on this but it looks like im going to have to soon...

This seems like a pretty common G problem but i guess at least its nothing with the engine..
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bluranver6 (05-04-2012)
Old 05-22-2008, 05:54 PM
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Thanks for the write up!!!! My driver's side motor is going. Just an FYI if someone has a window that is acting up and either doesn't have time or cash to get it fixed right away:

I have found that if I do not let it go all the way down, it will work fine. If I forget and use the auto down or just hold the button too long so that the window goes inside the door, then I'm screwed. Then I have to open the door, hold the up switch and slam the door at the same time to get the window up.

With this write up, I'll probably try to clean the motor soon. Thanks again!!!
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shishidosan (10-20-2011)
Old 05-22-2008, 06:10 PM
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Wow, this is a great write up. Glad to know that it's a pretty easy to do fix. Thanks!!!!
Old 05-22-2008, 07:57 PM
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Great write up. Thanks.
Old 05-22-2008, 07:58 PM
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I was going to do a DIY for this a while back, but i was to lazy, good stuff man, I hope this encourages some people to do it on there own and save some money. Not that hard if you're patient and take your time to do it. I cleaned the motor at first too and it just ended up dieing a few weeks later and ended up buying a new motor to install. Good luck to all who try this, let me know if you guys need motors!
Old 05-22-2008, 08:33 PM
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thanks....been waiting for this!
Old 05-22-2008, 10:58 PM
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Mad Prop On This Writing This Thread Mang
Old 05-23-2008, 01:02 AM
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you are all welcome guys! by the way I picked up my car today from infiniti to come and find out that my master window switch buttons were not supplying power to the passenger side window causing it to not go up and down....I was suprised to hear this from them since I assumed it was the window motor. Luckily I got everything covered underneath warranty so no more issues there.
Old 05-23-2008, 01:13 AM
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wow nice job man.

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